Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm not just a sniviling girl

I am an all powerful amazon warrior.

I like the fact that by being here compared to where I use to be, I have freedom to say whatever I want to say and not have to be so concerned about my audience and thier reactions. it's hard to be a writer when you have to be worried about who you might offend.

I am not just some sniviling girl.

I am prissy at times and enjoy make up and even pose infront of my mirror when I'm alone but mostly I fart, burp, pick my nose and wipe my buggers under my desk. Theres alot of things I do that I highly believe most females do but just wont admit it.

I will not go out of my way and stand infront of the mirror trying to look hot before I go somewhere...if at first glance I feel good then I walk away and go with it. I think it takes my husband longer to get ready then me. And then after he's ready he keeps going back to double check. If you have to a do a double take and your not sure then give up and stay home cause your annoying the hell out of me and as I have written in another blog TIME is of the essence.

We have big plans for Friday night and Im super super excited. Me and some girls are taking over this little hole in the wall country bar and turning it upside down!! And I'm actually more excited to see the looks on the rednecks faces then I am to just be there having fun.

I love shocking people. I'm all about the shock factor.

GAWD I am so tired right now.

I dont want to write anymore. I want to curl up in my bed and put on some reality TV and make fun of stupid people I dont even know.

Well I know them they just dont know me......YET.

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