Friday, February 1, 2008

To legit to quit??

You know when I think about the whole "losing weight" quest I'm on I tend to ask myself exactly why do I want to do this again? because it's work. It's like a full time job and Lord knows I havnt had one of those in years. Aside from being a full time mommy.

I never really had issues with my wieght before. I new I was bigger then I was before but it never really concerned me because my husband loved me, my friends loved me so who really cared? Lets look at how I gained the weight:

Marriage alone adds 10 lbs immediatly (it does and you know it!)
having two kids adds another 30lbs instantly (unless your one of those lucky women who lose it real fast...yeah yeah yeah suck a duck)
and living out in the country adds another 10lbs....a MONTH

cause what do you do living in the country? NOTHING thats what you do! aAnd you slowly begin to enjoy doing nothing cause nothing is actually very fun. And also living in the country (coming from the big city) nobody really cares what you look like cause they are all fat too.

~I apologize now to all the big fat country people~

But today as I contimplated nutri-system I asked myself again WHY am I wanting to lose the weight and well....I have my answer and it may be shallow and stupid but it is what it is.

I want to look good in punk rock clothes.

It's my style and I want to rock it out and I cant cause fat people dont look to sexy in fish nets.

So there ya have it. Shallow as it may be. I want to be stylish. Who really gives a crap about health reasons. Not me. I just wanna be cute and shop at Hot topic.

well there may be one other small, tiney reason.....for my husband of 10 years who is a very sexual person and would love for me to bend in ways this fat girl just cant do right now.

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Faith, Family & Friends said...

You are so funny! I think you would look good in fish nets anyway! I love you!!! LOL